In My Backyard – DC, a new group to stop NIMBYism

After seeing yet another proposed liquor license moratorium in DC, I’ve decided to found this group dedicated to creating an environment in the District where residents, small businesses, and neighborhoods can flourish.

It has been too easy for small groups that do not represent most DC residents to derail any kind of new development in DC. With just a few signatures and some complaining, these groups successfully stop businesses and homebuilders from serving the needs of DC residents.

It’s my opinion that DC will be better off with more options for consumers, not fewer. Residents currently face increasingly unaffordable housing, and the only solution to easing this problem is to allow the supply of housing to expand. Allowing developers to build new homes and buildings will lower rents and increase standards of living in the District.

The primary function of this group will be to submit petitions and comments to City Council, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, and the Alcohol Beverage Control Board in support of the new developments that can provide homes and jobs for our growing community. We will counteract the close-minded voices who speak out against new housing for consumers and new restaurants and businesses that seek to serve our neighborhoods.

I’m not a developer or politician, but I do want to live in a more vibrant District with more options for regular residents like you and me. If you agree, please fill out the form below to join In My Backyard – DC.

-Michael Hamilton
Columbia Heights